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Vivid Advantage offers the latest in virtual technology for your real estate needs.

Sellers: Affordable for homeowners, agents, brokers, or anyone who offers a home on the market, Vivid Advantage is the universal solution to present easy-to-view previews of real estate properties in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio real estate marketplace. With our quality video production, editing, and web presentation service, prospective buyers will receive a true virtual experience of walking through your home. Prospects from outside the area appreciate the ability to view your property remotely, without making confusing trips to cram a bunch of house tours into one day. Vivid Advantage could make a big difference in the speed and seriousness with which prospects engage, and the overall value proposition of your home. The idea is to sell faster, to serious prospects, for more money. Vivid Advantage delivers!

Buyers: Tired of clicking on link after link only to find slide shows of the same photos that you’ve already seen? We bring listings to life by featuring high-quality, wide-angle view walking video tours of wonderful homes in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio marketplace. Never waste another trip to view a home that you would never buy. Vivid Advantage is invaluable if you’re shopping from afar, for you choose to physically visit only the homes that have already met your taste and criteria. The search for the right property is easier, because you’re more informed before ever visiting our homes… ready to experience a home’s details on your first walk-through. Searching for a home from your living room has never been easier, or worth more!

Contact our team of real estate marketing experts to find out how easy it is to integrate Vivid Advantage in your property sales plan. Or if you’re looking for a home to buy, please Search or browse the Recent Posts at the right to view homes, and then contact the listing agent, broker, or seller for more details. The Vivid Advantage is yours either way.